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"(16) Jesus said, 'Men think, perhaps, that it is peace which I have come to cast upon the world. They do not know that it is dissension which I have come to cast upon the earth: fire, sword, and war. . . '"1a

"(51) His [Jesus's] disciples said to him, 'When will the repose of the dead come about, and when will the new world come?'
He said to them, 'What you look forward to has already come, but you do not recognize it.'"1b

"(64) Jesus said, ' . . . Businessmen and merchants [will] not enter the places of my father.'"1c UPANISHADS

"(95) [Jesus said], 'If you have money, do not lend it at interest, but give [it] to one from whom you will not get it back.'"1d

" . . . [T]he greatest [struggle] has to do with the prostitution of the soul. From it arises the prostitution of the body as well. . .
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood . . . but against the world rulers of this darkness and the spirits of wickedness."

"(73) [Judas] said, 'Tell me Lord, what the beginning of the path is.'
(74) He said, 'Love and goodness. For if one of these existed among the governors, wickedness would never have come into existence.'"1f

[Trismegistus to Asclepius] "And a new law will be established. . . [The] wicked angels will remain among men, . . . (and) lead them into wicked things recklessly, as well as into atheism, wars, and plunderings, by teaching them things contrary to nature."1g

" . . . Adam was a laughingstock . . . And Abraham and Isaac and Jacob were a laughingstock . . . Solomon was a laughingstock . . . Moses . . . was a laughingstock . . .
For they had a doctrine of angels to observe dietary laws and bitter slavery, since they never knew truth, nor will they know it. For there is a great deception upon their soul making it impossible for them ever to find a Nous of freedom in order to know him, until they come to know the Son of Man. . . 
For the Archon was a laughingstock because he said, 'I am God . . . I am a jealous God, who brings the sins of the fathers upon the children for three and four generations.'"

"Do not trust anyone as a friend, for this whole world has come into being deceitfully . . . All things [of] the world are not profitable, but they happen in vain. There is no one, not even a brother, (who is trustworthy), since each one is seeking his own advantage."1i RAND SOROS

"For everything which is visible is a copy of that which is hidden."1j

"Entrust yourself to reason and remove yourself from animalism."1k


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