Macroknow Inc. is deeply committed to promoting and accelerating education, especially reflective thinking and truth seeking.

The Macroknow Library is an educational resource that can be used by students and teachers

  • To stimulate and promote critical thinking.
  • To encourage authentic reflection.
  • To enrich and enlighten the mind.
  • To develop strategies for seeking the truth.
  • To expand knowledge of philosophy.
  • To explore the history and evolution of ideas.
  • To analyze, compare, and contrast belief systems and worldviews.
  • To open new horizons for being and becoming.

Teachers can use the Macroknow Library resources to create hot topics for essays and discussion groups. Students can navigate the network of links to explore, connect, and relate the ideas of the great thinkers.

Students and teachers can also use exciting search strategies to accelerate discovery and add fun to learning. Students can search for quotations by author, by book, and by keyword. They can also use Macroknow Knowledge Maps to look beyond the specific viewpoints of individual thinkers. The mapping of knowledge is an ongoing Macroknow project. Macroknow Knowledge Maps cover a vast territory and are organized around themes, such as arithmetic, bankers, capitalism, cause-and-effect, deceit, economics, evil, free trade, free will, freedom, good, justice, law, money, religion, science, slavery, technology, theology, truth, and usury.



All Macroknow Education Resources and Services are delivered via the Internet.

Macroknow offers a wide range of intellection services. For additional information, please visit the Web pages on Macroknow Services.